The silicone woman who will always be with you Lifelike silicone woman
  • The silicone woman who will always be with you Lifelike silicone woman
  • The silicone woman who will always be with you Lifelike silicone woman

The silicone woman who will always be with you Lifelike silicone woman


168CM  Bust *Waist*Hip 80*50*84

Net  weight 34 KG  

Package size  155*41*29

skin-color  brown


Customer service

If the goods are not received:

1: If the package is intercepted in transit (the customer needs to bear the interception fee and return freight (the same as the outgoing freight))

2: Refuse to accept the package without giving reasons (the customer must pay the return shipping fee or the customer sends it back by themselves, and cash on delivery payment is not accepted (refunds can only be made after correct warehouse inspection, and no refunds will be issued, if the product affects secondary sales))

3: The package is lost, which means: The tracking information is not updated for a long time and the package appears abnormal. (You must provide a full screenshot of the order in English on the platform (some screenshots are invalid) and you must see the customer's shipping address, tracking number and value. After we make a claim, we can refund the full amount repay or reissue) Packages that cannot cooperate with the proof cannot be processed.

4: If the address of the package needs to be changed during transportation (the customer must bear the operational costs of the address change. The success of the change can be guaranteed. If it is unsuccessful, the operational fees will be charged as usual)

5: If the package has been signed for and the customer reports that it has not arrived, no claim will be made, provided that inspection is required. Non-receipt of the goods must be made before requesting an inspection (can be provided door monitoring, etc., the investigation may not be successful)

After receiving the goods:

1: If the packaging and product are damaged, you must provide photos of the outer box + photos of the label of the outer box + photos of the damaged product in a timely manner (compensation will be made according to the degree of damage). If the product is so damaged that it can no longer be used, the customer can have it reissued free of charge or receive a full refund.

2: The dolls in overseas warehouses are all made of TPE, and the facial makeup is painted and wiped off. If the makeup falls off during customers' use, it is not a quality problem.

3: All overseas warehouses have normal frames that cannot be broken by force. You can find the limits in the instructions.

4: Product quality problems must be reported within 7 days of receipt, otherwise they will not be processed.

5: Private healthcare products do not accept returns or exchanges without explanation. If there are quality problems, we only offer reissue or compensation. Please emphasize this in the description.

6: If the customer returns the package without authorization, the warehouse may not be able to find the package or it may affect the secondary sale and no compensation will be given.

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